Spiral Link Dryer Fabrics


Product Description

Polyester spiral loop dryer fabric can be divided into small loop, medium loop, and large loop. This flat yarns spiral dryer fabric is designed especially running on the high speed and wider paper machines, to produce high quality art and printing paper, brown paper, white board paper and other high quality papers. Instead of paper machine drying cloth and dryer felt, the spiral dryer fabric was widely used in the production of cardboard, Kraft paper, corrugated paper, train ticket, single double-sided white paper, and also used as belt conveyor equipment in food and coal mine industries. Spiral dryer screen was made of high viscosity polyester chips, processing wire, enjoys unique properties after weaving and heat setting. Advantages: Flat surface, not easily cracked, good air permeability, stable property against heat and moisture, low thermal shrinking, less elongation at heat, long lifetime.

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